We take your direction, add our innovative expertise and create a design proposal. It can be revised and tweaked until you feel confident that we have chosen the right path to develop your product and meet your company's goals.


Designing embedded products with integrated hardware and software is our expertise. We create prototypes by utilizing our large library of proprietary technology to reduce design time. After design, it goes to one of our rapid prototyping houses. 

Test and Validate

We work with your team to test and prove your prototype to ensure it will be manufacturable and durable. At the end of this phase, we deliver your artwork and engineering files ready for production. Need a manufacturer? We can help.


Are you ready to jump into the IoT? We can integrate our platform for the Internet of Things and
M2M applications into your product to get it to market quickly and efficiently.    

Hardware Design

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our years of hardware design and PCB layout go into creating the core of your product. 

  • Altium CAD Designed
  • Microchip Design Partner
  • Embedded Experts

Internet Connectivity

Our IoT platform is simple and robust. It offers a number of ways to connect your device to the Internet. 

  • BLE, WiFi, LoRa, MiFi, Zigbee
  • CANbus, Modbus, Ethernet
  • Embedded Gateways, ARTIK

CLOUD Delivery

We complete your connected solution with a customized website that delivers the type of service you set out to create.

  • Amazon Servers
  • Device Management Portal
  • Custom Portal  

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